• Homemade Alpine Inn Specialty Desserts

    • Brownie Delight


      Fudge brownie topped with praline
      pecan ice cream, hot fudge and nuts.

    • Napoleon


      French pastry layered with a
      Bavarian Cream filling, lightly iced
      and drizzled with chocolate.

    • Roasted Apple Napoleon


      A cinnamon pastry covered with roasted Fuji apples topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and drizzled with caramel.

    • Bread Pudding

      A La Mode - $7.00

      The Alpine Inn is renowned for its bread pudding, made with no raisins or nuts and topped with hot caramel.

    • Apple Cheese Strudel

      With Caramel Sauce - $6.75

      Cream cheese and apple filling baked in layers of phyllo pastry and dusted with powdered sugar.

    • Tiramisu (Alpine Style)


      A light Italian dessert of golden pound cake soaked in Amaretto, Brandy and Cappuccino, topped with an Italian cream and dusted with cocoa and topped with whipped cream.
      (This dessert contains alcohol.)

    • Berry Delight


      Graham cracker crust, layered with sweetened cream cheese, vanilla pudding, raspberries and whipped cream.

    • Raspberry Tart


      German Yellow cake, topped with sweetened cream cheese and raspberries, glazed and served with whipped cream.

    • Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse


      A creamy white chocolate mousse layered with a raspberry sauce and
      white chocolate chips.

    • German White Chocolate Mousse


      A creamy white chocolate mousse layered with golden pound cake, fudge, caramel, toasted coconut and pecans.

    • Grand Chocolate Tower


      A light milk chocolate mousse layered with fudge and brownies. Topped with whipped cream.

    • Belgium Strawberry Waffle


      A Belgium waffle, topped with vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce, hot fudge and whipped cream.

    • Turtle Island Waffle


      A Belgium waffle, topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel, hot fudge, pecans and whipped cream.

    • Creme Brule


      A rich, smooth custard finished with caramelized sugar and whipped cream.

    • TK Chocolate Cake


      A rich dense chocolate cake with a velvet chocolate ganache, dusted with powdered sugar and served with vanilla ice cream.

    • Grasshopper Ice Cream Pie


      Oreo cookie crust, filled with a refreshing mint and chocolate chip ice cream, drizzled with hot fudge.

    • Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie


      Oreo cookie crust layered with a creamy peanut butter filling and peanut butter fudge ice cream. Garnished with Reeseā€™s crumbles and drizzled with fudge.

    • New York Cheesecake

      Plain - $6.00
      With Fruit Topping - $6.50 (Raspberry or Strawberry)
    • Turtle Cheesecake


      Pecans, Caramel & Fudge.

    • Caramel Apple Cheesecake


      Roasted Fuji Apples drizzled w/carmel.

    • Ice Cream


      Praline Pecan, Vanilla, Rainbow Sherbet, or Huckleberry

    • Sundaes


      Choose one of our ice cream flavors and add your choice of toppings (Strawberry, Raspberry, Hot fudge or Hot Caramel). Whipped cream on request.